Krista was such an amazing mentor to me during my pregnancy, the birth and even now as I am first time mother.  From doula services to childbirth education / hypnobirthing classes; it has been a wonderful experience all around. The wealth of knowledge that Krista has as well as the personal care and attention that she gives to each client is amazing. I would highly recommend her for any of your birthing and postpartum needs.I would greatly recommend her for classes and/or doula services if you are interested in a beautiful, natural birth that you can remember with joy and not fear. 

— Angela B

I feel so blessed that Krista's name was the one that jumped out to me when I found her through the HypnoBirthing website. She is so warm and welcoming and made both my husband and I feel so comfortable. She filled us with so much knowledge and made us both feel so confident. She was so patient with me and listened to everything I had to say during classes and let me ramble on and pick her brain and never made me feel rushed. We were expecting at around the same time so unfortunately she wasn't my doula but she was actually more helpful than the doula assigned to us through the midwifery, she would text me to see how I was doing and even talked us through some things during labor and she continued to help us postpartum and gave tons of amazing and helpful advice. We had an extremely successful natural HypnoBirth in the hospital and I feel like Krista really helped set us up to achieve that. I feel like I came into this pregnancy so confidently because of Krista. Needless to say I would recommend her in a heartbeat. 

— Ashley Howard

I can't thank Krista enough for her support during the birth of her son. Her kindness and gentle presence brought the peace and re-assurance during our special time. I am so grateful and will be eternally in debted to her. Having her by my side really made a difference. I felt calm, peaceful, and I knew that I could do it. 

— Alisha W. 

I am so thankful to have found Krista. I truly believe that I would have had a much different and probably stressful birthing experience if it weren't for her being there. It gave me a piece of mind knowing that she would be there to support and encourage me through my pregnancy, labor, and delivery. She literally held my hand through the entire amazing experience. 

— Elena G. 


In One Breath Center is such a warm, cozy, and inviting center for all of your birthing needs! It's really modern and nicely designed for a birth support center. Both Maureen and Krista are super sweet, supportive and knowledgeable. They've always been 100% available to answer any of my pregnancy and postpartum questions. I've really enjoyed attending  the Mama Village with my little bub as a time to connect with other mamas and speak about whatever stage we are going through. If you are looking to have a baby soon or have just had one, its a great time to reach out to these ladies to see what classes, doula support, or events they have going on!

— Taryn E. 

I cannot express enough as a midwife how valuable this center is. Moes my doula is excellent at doula work. She has worked by my side and I would not trust any one more. She is compassionate, caring and so beneficial. She is a must! She cares about you and your family. She won't stop caring. If you any questions feel free to ask me. Thanks for all that you do! Xox Miracle of Life Midwifery

— Jessica B. 

We loved working with Maureen in preparation for the birth of our sixth little one. She truly wanted me to have the birth that we planned, and although circumstances didn't follow through, she was right there by my side, supporting me in the weeks leading up to the birth day to the end would definitely recommend Maureen to other expectant mammas! She went above and beyond!

— Danny

Krista was my doula for the birth of my first baby, and I could not have asked for better guidance!  It was so helpful and reassuring knowing Krista was there through the entire learning process. She was very insightful and knowledgeable while still being respectful of any final decisions my husband and I made. There was no question she had the best of intentions for me and my family.  I would highly recommend Krista and look forward to her being my doula the next go around with baby number two.

— Jaclyn